Chris Brunner, Founder & CEO of Authvia | Episode 40

This is episode 40 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and Chris Brunner, the CEO of Authvia is our special guest this week. 

Chris grew up on southern California went to University of Arizona and today lives in Las Angeles. He has a professional passion for the creating a great customer experience and typically enjoys golf, sailing and travelling but being the father of two teenage daughters he spends his time today with his family and running the business. 

Authvia is the leading text to pay platform on the market today. It is contactless, secure and simple and runs over all the major messaging channels. There are no links, no passwords and no apps, the platform simply runs a transaction, a payment, or a donation over of the existing messaging channels. 

The company started working with recurring billings merchants 4 years ago but is now in 20 plus verticals. Beyond just payments the platform can help manage scheduling, calendaring, and more. 

Authvia is connecting into 2 dozen payment processors and gateways and 4 of the top 6 largest payment processors either refer or resell the platform. 

Links to Short Demo Videos below: