Ari Horowitz, CEO of Yardline Capital | Episode 81

That was Ari Horowitz, the CEO of Yardline Capital and he is our special guest this week. This is episode 81 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and I’m your host Greg Myers.

Ari grew up just outside of New York City and went to college at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s been an entrepreneur his entire life starting by tarring driveways and tutoring SATs in high school. He’s started over 10 business to date.  

Yardline Capital provides non-diluted capital for ecommerce sellers operating on marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and others. Many companies that compete on these marketplaces need capital to grow their business – typically using funds for marketing or buying more inventory.

Yardline has been in business for just over a year and is continuing to build their brand. Yardline differentiates themselves because they started the company from the operator’s perspective and know what it takes to be successful as a seller on the marketplaces. They also provide their customers with a seller success manager that helps each customers grow their business through consulting and thought leadership.