Chris Chestnut, CEO & Co-Founder at Payix | Episode 82

Chris Chestnut, the CEO & Co-Founder of Payix is our special guest this week on episode 82 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Chris moved to North Texas from Arizona when he was 12 and has been in North Texas since including attending college at University of Texas in Arlington. Chris assumed his career would be in sales but he actually hated sales, so he went into the IT department at Americredit and learned the technology side of business. He left Americredit and started a company that bought auto receivables.    

In 2015 Chris left that company with another partner to start Payix. Payix is a software platform that helps non-bank middle tier lenders communicate with their borrowers and ultimately take their payments – whether that is online, mobile, IVR or with an agent on the phone. Their integration with loan management systems helps to differentiate them in the marketplace. Today Payix has 30-40 team members and has close to 100 customers using their software today.

Chris has some great advice for entrepreneurs and for those just starting their careers – whether in payments or not.