Don Frieden, President, CEO & Chairman of P97 Networks | Episode 97

Don Frieden, the President, CEO & Chairman of P97 Networks is our special guest this week on episode 97 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

 Don grew up in Fort Forth Texas, attended North Texas University and has been in Houston Texas for about 30 years. 

P97 is making payments at the convenience retail and fuel industries simple, fast, and secure. They are a global company with 175 team members with about 100 at the headquarters in Houston. 

Beyond payments they provide loyalty programs for fuel brands and digital marketing opportunities that can be delivered to the fuel dispenser, connected car in-dash screens, mobile devices and voice channels.  

Don has some great insights into the future of mobile payments including the enormous buying power today and in the future of millennials – who are the first digital native generation.