Vijay Oddiraju, Co-founder & CEO of Volante Technologies | Episode 98

Vijay Oddiraju, the Co-founder and CEO of Volante Technologies is our special guest this week on episode 98 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

Vijay was born and raised in India. After getting his bachelor’s degree he came to the U.S. where he got his master’s degree in computer science and went to work for Oracle. After about 6 years, he got the entrepreneurial bug and started his first company.  

Vijay along with 3 other founders started Volante in 2001. Currently the company offers cloud payments and financial messaging solutions to financial institutions. They have over 100 customers in 35 countries. The first real-time payments transaction in U.S. history went through their platform.   

In August of last year, they raised $35 million in capital from Wavecrest Growth Partners and other strategic investors – many of them are existing customers. 

Vijay has a professional passion to build and maintain a company culture based on trust. On the personal side he has a passion for space and looks forward to hitching a ride with Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos into space.