Brady Harris, CEO of Dwolla | Episode 99

Brady Harris, the CEO of Dwolla is our special guest this week on episode 99 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

Brady grew up in Salt Lake City Utah.  After high school he went into payments in Portland and Seattle. He also spent some time in Atlanta and now is at the Dwolla headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.   

Dwolla was originally a P2P product but about 5 years ago started to focus on B2B payments. Today they provide ACH transaction processing through an API to businesses and also power functionality for many other Fintechs. They recently launched real-time payments and are looking into things like FX and crytpo.   

This year they are trending towards $40B in gross payment volume with approximately 100 employees.    

Brady has a passion for giving people the opportunity to grow and flourish in their careers. He also thinks people coming into payments or fintech should start with a sales job which Brady says a sometimes controversial viewpoint.