Women Leaders in Payments – Suneera Madhani, Founder & CEO of Stax | Episode 101

Suneera Madhani, the Founder and CEO of Stax (formerly Fatt Merchant) is our special guest on this the 101st episode of the Leaders in Payments Podcast. She is the second guest in the Women Leaders in Payments month sponsored by American Express

Suneera was raised by immigrant parents who were also entrepreneurs. Much of her personal and professional inspiration comes from her parents. She attended the University of Florida and after a short stint at a consumer-packaged goods company she started her career in payments. 

In 2014 she founded FattMerchant with her brother. They have recently rebranded to Stax and raised over $100 million. They process payments for over 25,000 merchants and are based on Orlando, Florida. 

Suneera has some great advice for women in payments including being bold, taking a risk, and being authentic and your true self.