Women Leaders in Payments – Samantha Ettus, Founder & CEO of Park Place Payments | Episode 102

Sam Ettus, the Founder and CEO of Park Place Payments is our special guest on this the 102nd episode of the Leaders in Payments Podcast. She is our third guest in the Women Leaders in Payments month sponsored by American Express

Sam grew up in New York City and played competitive tennis from childhood through college. She went to Harvard College and then on to Harvard Business School. 

Sam has devoted her career to advocating and supporting woman, in fact this is what led to her founding Park Place Payments. Her unique sales force is comprised of women with no payments background who are trained on how to sell payments to their doctors, dentists and other small businesses in their local area.

Sam co-hosts her own podcast, has written 5 books, is a renowned speaker and makes regular appearances on TV. Given her extensive background and experience helping women succeed she provides some powerful and insightful leadership advice for all women in payments.