The Pulse of Payments – Brian Shniderman, CEO of Opy | Episode 108

Brian Shniderman, the CEO of Opy and the Chief Strategy Officer for OpenPay is our special guest on this quarter’s Pulse of Payment edition.  The topic for this episode is one of the hottest trends in payments  – Buy Now Pay Later.  

Not a day goes buy without an article being written or announcement being made in this space. From Square’s acquisition of AfterPay to Apple’s announcement that they are partnering with Goldman Sachs to offer a buy now pay later solution. 

OpenPay offers a unique buy now pay later solution in Australia and the UK and will be launching in the US in Q4.  

Brian starts by providing a definition of buy now pay later (one that I think you will find interesting) and then we discuss the value to merchants and consumers.  We also talk about the US and global landscape, some of the trends in the space and why buy now pay later has exploded in the last 18 months.