Steve Barha, Founder of Instant Financial | Episode 109

Steve Barha, the Founder and COO of Instant Financial is our special guest this week on episode 109 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

Steve is from British Columbia, Canada and got a double major in Molecular Biology and Computer Science. He’s a technology entrepreneur and has founded multiple companies.  

Instant Financial is a pioneer in the no fee, no interest, earned wages access space. Instant allows employees to access their wages on-demand. They are headquartered in Atlanta and serve about 350 corporate clients and move about a $1B in Instant pay funds annually. 

This is a fascinating and growing space and Instant has a unique value prop – where they don’t charge the employees for access to their wages, and they don’t charge the employer.  

Steve is passionate about financial wellness and literacy as well as helping fellow entrepreneurs with their journeys.