John Lunn, CEO of Gr4vy | Episode 111

John Lunn, the CEO of Gr4vy and he is our special guest this week on episode 111 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

John was born in the UK, raised in Switzerland and about 5 years ago moved to the Bay Area. John was employee number 4 at PayPal outside of the U.S. He also ran PayPal Ventures for 5 years prior to starting Gr4vy.   

Gr4vy is a tool in the cloud that allows companies to add, manage, change and orchestrate their payments types without large engineering teams. They recently closed an $11.1 million dollar series A round and currently have 21 employees. 

John is passionate about making fintech and payments available to everyone not just those with credit cards and the latest gadgets. He’s a cold-water swimmer and cycles hundreds of miles – for fun.