Eric Frazier, CEO of Payrix | Episode 110

Eric Frazier, the CEO of Payrix is our special guest this week on episode 110 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

Eric is a Columbus Ohio native, a hard-core Buckeye fan, a golf fanatic and has been in the payments industry for 20 years. He’s worked for large companies as well as founded or co-founder 5 companies. He’s passionate about building a company cultures that innovates and ideates. 

Payrix is a 110-person payment facilitation company that is focused on helping vertically focused software platforms drive more revenue and reduce friction for their end customers. They will be delivering over $100 million in payouts to their SaaS partners over the next 12 months. 

Over the next several years, Eric sees payment facilitation companies growing internationally as well as starting to embed other financial services products.