Bob Dowd, CEO North America at Moneycorp | Episode 129

Bob Dowd, CEO North America for Moneycorp is our special guest this week on episode 129 of the Leaders in Payment Podcast. 

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Bob – a man who started his 38-year payments career at Kennedy airport in New York carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars across terminals in a canvas bag. So, how did he go from this to CEO of the only non-US bank in the world to have a direct relationship with the US Federal Reserve?

 Well, “the harder you work, the luckier you get” is one of his favorite adages, if that tells you anything.

Moneycorp is an international payments and foreign exchange company that leads the industry in providing global payments and currency risk management to corporations and partners around the world. They have $50 billion in foreign-exchange flows and $200 million in top-line revenue and facilitate 6 million individual payments on an annual basis.

Bobs talk about where the industry is headed as it relates to real-time, low-value payment rails and blockchain – and how his company kept global economies afloat by delivering cash throughout the world during the COVID pandemic.