Jason Thomas, CEO of Tappit | Episode 138

A sports enthusiast from northern England with a passion for music and a resume that includes both Sony and Virgin records, Tappit CEO Jason Thomas has taken his love for entertainment to the fintech space and created a name for himself within the industry.

With a client portfolio that includes some of the biggest organizations in event management, including the NFL, MLB and MBA (just to name a few), Tappit is a global payments solutions company that offers cashless payment options driven by data analytics. So, what differentiates them from all the other cashless solutions out there (besides their client list)? Tappit provides all their clients with micro-level data analytics to identify valuable and influential purchase patterns that enable a marketing strategy driven by personalized metrics and not just generic offers.

So, whether it be a live music venue, a professional sporting event, or even a college campus, the ability to not only offer cashless but also have data to drive your commerce is invaluable. In fact, according to Jason, “the only way to break the barrier down between the company and the consumer is to analyze the data.”

Tappit also offers a range of solutions that include mobile, RFID and even app-les web options. Another bonus? The company is completely agnostic so they can work with any third-party their clients may have in a manner that provides a truly white-label interface.