Chris Luttrell, CEO of IDology | Episode 139

Ever wonder what the journey may look like from small-town farm to big-time fintech? Well, I have the answer in this week’s podcast! IDology CEO Chris Luttrell is my guest, and her story is a fascinating one.

For starters, when she’s not spending time overseeing one of the most credible fraud-prevention solutions in the industry, she’s raising livestock and food on her small farm in northwest Georgia – not far from where she grew up. She began paving her climb up the corporate ladder straight out of high school and went to night school for her undergraduate degree. And this semester, she will graduate with her second Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – and not because she had to – because she wanted to.

For those of you thinking “overachiever,” you would be right! And this innate drive has served her well throughout her journey in the fintech industry.

For those of you who may not know, IDology is a well-established identity verification provider within the industry that offers a robust solution for identity verification and fraud prevention, which allows customers to meet KYC compliance while mitigating fraud and risk simultaneously.

Originally hired on as their 10th employee and the sole product manager for the company, Chris has quite literally worked her way through every department, including product, fraud, marketing, security, technology and client relations until completing her climb in her well-deserved position as CEO beginning in 2020.

According to her, it’s been a “fun roller coaster ride” and she looks forward to ensuring the success of our industry in the future with solutions that help prevent some of the more popular types of fraud that come with the digital age, including mobile fraud, synthetic verification fraud and the like.