Chris Mangold, Co-CEO of Fraugster | Episode 142

Have you ever wondered how boat racing relates to being a CEO in one of the most dynamic industries our global ecosystem has to offer?  Well, my guest this week has the answer!

A boat racing enthusiast from Bavaria, Fraugster Co-CEO Chris Mangold will be the first to tell you that running a successful company has many parallels to leading a successful sports team. In fact, he gives three core principles that he has carried from the water to the office as a means of ensuring his employees have the tools necessary to cross the corporate finish line:

·       You will always have a lot of maneuvering.

·       You never know what’s coming.

·       And you have to face the challenges you encounter together, as a team!

So, whether you put him on choppy waters or corporate soil, Chris has what it takes to lead his team towards success. 

Fraugster is a regionally agnostic, global platform that manages fraud in real time through AI and machine learning. With this technology, they are able to enable merchants in the ecommerce space to make the best possible business decision when it comes to fraud prevention and chargeback management.

Hear Chris talk about the nature of fraud management now and in the future, including what impact blockchain and cryptocurrency may have on the state of fraud in our ecosystem. A self-proclaimed “growth manager,” his expertise in our industry makes his story a fascinating one!