Pulse of Payments – Ross McFerrin, VP of Enterprise Growth | Episode 143

For those of you looking to quantify and understand all the benefits of open banking, you’ve come to the right place! In this Pulse of Payments episode, I speak with Trustly VP of Enterprise Growth Ross McFerrin – a self-proclaimed payments geek admittedly obsessed with the innovation and disruption within our dynamic ecosystem. 

Open banking, by definition, is the use of open APIs that enable developers to build applications and services around the financial institution. So, what do companies like Trustly provide in the way of innovation and disruption? Simply stated, they make ACH a viable method of payment within the digital commerce space. And this is a big win for merchants because it offers them a payment alternative to card that is less risky and more cost effective.

In the ecommerce space, Trustly thrives as an alternative to card because they can guarantee payments with no chargebacks and at a cost that is much lower. When it comes to travel, merchants appreciate the level of security and confidence experienced on both sides of the payments loop and the fintech space also benefits from open banking options to help facilitate various offerings including NACHA compliance, loan underwriting, RTP disbursement and the funding of crypto wallets. 

But, truly, Trustly offers benefits on both side of the payments equation. Merchants realize material savings from a payments standpoint, have the capacity to deliver a payments experience that resonates well with the younger generations and can even benefit from future-proofing their business as real-time rails become more ubiquitous. Consumers, on the other hand, unlock value in the form of more benefit-driven incentives offered by the merchants they choose to transact with. 

In this episode we’ll answer – how is open banking shaping our industry and what do we have to look forward to in the very near future.