Ian Drysdale, CEO of One Inc. | Episode 145

A self-driven man with a passion for innovation that changes the marketplace and “doing payments right,” One Inc. CEO Ian Drysdale is a true leader in the payments space, with a resume that includes some of the biggest names in payments. So, how did he get his first job at PNC? He simply cold called the CEO and asked him for it.

For those of you that may not know, One Inc. is a leading digital payments platform for the insurance industry. They facilitate upwards of $20 billion in payments annually for the property and casualty space, with two dominant types of transactions: inbound and outbound. The former refers to premium payments such as car insurance and the like, while the latter refers to claim payments similar to what you would see in an accident or damage claim. They are currently growing exponentially at a rate of 50% per year and their ultimate goal is to digitize the more than $1 trillion of paper checks floating around the insurance industry in the U.S. alone.

As far as what differentiates them from their competitors, not only do they have exceptionally deep knowledge of the complexities of the insurance industry, they provide a full digital experience to their clients that accounts for so much more than just payment processing. According to Ian, One Inc. is “solving for all the use cases of insurance companies – not simply moving money in and moving money out.”

Tune in to hear about Ian’s climb to the top and his expectations for the future of our industry – including the evolution of cryptocurrency and the dramatic shift towards real-time payments and authentication. 

In his own words, Ian believes that payments “can be done wrong or right and if done well, they become a massive differentiator in the marketplace.” Don’t miss this one!