Rom Lakritz, Co-Founder & CEO of Anchor | Episode 146

What does an avid snowboarder with three degrees (legal, accounting and business) and a lifelong passion for solving problems have to offer to the payments space? You mean besides a genuine desire to accelerate the industry and a resume that includes 5 successful companies to establish his foundation before he even went fintech? A lot! 

Anchor Co-Founder and CEO Rom Lakritz has taken his passion for problem solving to the next level with his automated invoicing and accounting software that targets the service provider sector. According to Rom, when they started developing the idea for Anchor, they looked at the payments space and saw they could divide it into two segments. Half of all payments in the world are completely automatic, with the other half initiated via more of a manual process in the B2B space. And with this manual process comes elevated risk. There‚Äôs the risk of chargebacks, fraud, duplicate payments and the like. And with $200 trillion B2B payments being transacted worldwide, Rom set out to solve this very real challenge and mitigate that risk.

And, thus, Anchor was conceived (on the way up a ski lift during a snowboarding trip, no less). To put it simply, Anchor is an autonomous billing and collections platform that strives to take the manual process out of accounts receivable by automating it.

And one of the biggest issues Rom targets with his software? Revenue leakage. In the U.S. alone, this impacts 4.6% of top-line revenue for service providers which, according to Rom, actually effects between 30-40% of their overall profit margin. Tune in to hear about his problem-solving solution, his journey up the corporate ladder and where he sees the B2B payments space in the next 2-3 years.