D&I Series – Srii Srinivasan, Chargeback Gurus Founder and CEO | Episode 153

Moving right along with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) month, my guest this week refers to herself as a global citizen with a broad range of diverse experience and an entrepreneurial career that all started with one question: “Software outsourcing is huge. Do you want to start a business?”

As I’m sure you can imagine, the answer was yes, and this led Chargeback Gurus Founder and CEO Srii Srinivasan down a wildly successful entrepreneurial path that all started with a diamond merchant.

In this episode, we discussed not only her business model, go-to-market strategy and niche offering, we also talk a lot about what she does proactively to ensure DEI in her organization. When asked what her definition of diversity is, Srii explains that “it’s truly about radical acceptance in all our life experiences, no matter who it is or what they experienced. Diversity by itself will not work. You also have to have equity and inclusion, which means voices are heard and met with acceptance.”

Among the many things we discuss around DEI in this episode, one of the most interesting to me is this concept around diversity including not only the employees, but the customers stakeholders and investors as well. It’s a concept that starts from the top down and must include every touchpoint the company has. In order to make it truly successful, DEI has to be in the corporate DNA.

Tune in to hear us discuss important best practices like writing a diverse job description, asking questions and actively listening to the answers, hiring and training leaders on the importance of DEI and creating successful DEI best practices in a virtual company culture.