John Rayment, CEO at Identitii | Episode 156

An Australian native and previous casino dealer, Identitii CEO John Rayment is passionate about people, payments, and a bucketed approach to life. He is a global citizen with a global platform and his company, of course, drives a global initiative. In his own words, Identitii “helps the global financial services industry reduce their regulatory risks without having to replace legacy technology.”

The Identitii business model is uniquely focused on enhancing technology already in use to reduce manual processes. In a nutshell, they automate the preparation and submission of financial transaction reports. The platform ingests payment data and standardizes it in a manner that offers an individual snapshot for each customer portfolio. This includes any missing or incorrect information that the platform will automatically reconcile, and then provide each financial institution customer with a clean set of data for analytics and accurate, timely reporting to government regulators.

In John’s own words, there is a growing gap between the need for more data and whether or not the technology available can accurately deliver it. Not to mention, there are substantial fines for financial institutions who are not currently submitting accurate and timely regulatory reports. This niche that he is targeting with Identitii’s innovative software is sizable and growing exponentially, with more than 15,000 potential players in Australia alone.

And when it comes to their competition, John says his largest competitor is the customer who believes they can do it themselves with their own internal processes and procedures. Tune in this week to hear John talk about his journey to becoming CEO, where he sees the industry going in the next 2-3 years and the four buckets in life that keep him at his best, both professionally and personally.