Itzik Cohen, President/CEO of PayZen | Episode 157

So, how does a professional basketball player become president/CEO of a fintech payments company? Well, he’s 6’8″ with a passion for solving problems and a love for transformative technology. PayZen President and CEO Itzik Cohen is on a very bold mission to revolutionize the healthcare payments industry. 

How? The mission-driven goal of PayZen is to underwrite each individual customer into a payments plan they can afford in order to maintain standard healthcare and make good health more accessible to everyone. According to Itzik, the U.S. sustains a revolving balance of approximately $330 billion in annual unpaid medical bills. The only thing more shocking than this is a $1.2 trillion in out-of-pocket healthcare expense.

PayZen utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to underwrite each patient for the most affordable plan to enable maximum payment success. This includes understanding predictive loss rates per customer, so the provider is always guaranteed their fair share. Their focus is on elective procedures and the business model is the industry leader in “care now, pay later” healthcare. 

According Itzik, PayZen’s NorthStar is the capacity to approve 100% of patients with no interest charge and no fees. Not to mention, they hold the financial responsibility for any losses they may incur. How do they do this? Their technology forward approach gives them that much confidence in their ability to underwrite each case successfully, ensuring minimum financial loss and maximum payment remittance.

Tune in this week to hear how transformative technology has revolutionized the debt elimination industry, how industry leader PayZen is currently managing a 5000% projected growth rate, and where Itzik sees the industry in the next 2-3 years – including what it looks like to take the providers out of the business of providing finance.