Doron Friedman, Co-Founder/CPO at SpotOn | Episode 158

My guest this week has had a truly fascinating journey to the top! SpotOn Co-Founder and CPO Doron Friedman comes from a family of Holocaust survivors that were forced to take the entrepreneurial journey after losing everything they had. He’ll be the first to say that his father discouraged any of the children from becoming an entrepreneur, so Doron’s first ambitions were towards investment banking. But it didn’t take him long to figure out that, despite his father’s wishes, he had the entrepreneurial bug and instead of investment banking, he started his self-proclaimed nontraditional entrepreneurial path by opening a bagel shop.

And now, as Co-Founder of SpotOn, Doron is grateful that his journey has proven the risks to be well worth it. For those of you who may not know, SpotOn is one of the fastest-growing software payments companies in the marketplace today, with a comprehensive cloud-based technology service model that targets everything from SBMs to large enterprise operations.

Their target audience revolves around the restaurant and entertainment sectors and their product is among the top POS systems on the market today. As far as a philosophy that motivates their business model, Doron explains that “every entrepreneur dreams of having that one location and growing it into thousands.” And according to him, SpotOn is equipped with software solutions that can “work with them on every step of that journey.”

Tune in today to hear about their company culture of thinking big and acting small, their unique approach to enhancing the customer experience, and how they chose to invest in their staff during the Global pandemic when their largest competitor cut more than half of theirs. Also on the docket? What to expect in the next 2 to 3 years in terms of cryptocurrency, international payments, tokenization, and data analytics.