Jonathan O’Connor, Group Chief Commercial Officer and CEO at Trust Payments U.S. | Episode 159

My guest this week has an absolutely fascinating background in the payments industry. He’s still as competitive now as he was when he was in his 20s and has a driving passion for sales, competition and, of course, winning. Trust Payments Group Chief Commercial Officer and CEO of Trust Payments U.S. Jonathan O’Connor gives a dynamic interview you don’t want to miss!

 For those of you who may not know, Trust Payments is a technology-based fintech with a presence all over Europe and a satellite office in the U.S. They combine payments and SaaS-based solutions to offer dynamic opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as a sustainable entry point for the EU and U.S. markets. Some of the most interesting things about their business model are the platforms they specialize in and their very active involvement in some of our most disrupting alternative payment methods.

 Beyond serving small business and mid-market corporations, they also specialize in emerging markets such as cryptocurrency, online gaming/gambling and CBD. And all of this is in addition to their already prolific involvement in the retail, hospitality, and financial services sectors of our industry. How do they do it all? Well, the ability to offer point-of-sale, mobile and e-commerce through one platform integration most definitely helps!

 Tune in and hear Jonathan talk about the future of our industry as it relates to cryptocurrency, biometrics, artificial intelligence and so much more. We talk taxation, regulation, crypto exchange and how crypto will become the next “shiny ball” to replace the current market fixation on the Buy-Now-Pay-Later payments model. He also offers details on how his company personalizes the customer journey and keeps their competitive edge. In his own words, “payment is the foundation of our DNA, and we strive to consistently build value around it.”