Financial Inclusion: David Rocha, CEO & Co-Founder at Prosperas | Episode 189

This is our second episode in Financial Inclusion month. Every year we dedicate one month to financial inclusion – my goal is to highlight and bring awareness to what the payments and/or fintech industry does today to help with the global challenge of financial inclusion and to discuss what more we can do. 

Our special guest is David Rocha, CEO & Co-Founder of ProsperasProperas, known as the Financial Inclusion company, enables lenders to instantly qualify anyone on earth for credit using only the anonymized, non-biased and consumer consented data from their smartphones. 

There are 4 billion underbanked or unbanked people in the world, including 90 million in the United States and 70% of them have a mobile phone. Prosperas isn’t changing the way people get credit, they are changing the fundamentals behind it. They have built a 2-sided marketplace. One side includes the people or micro businesses looking for credit and the other side are the lenders. Anyone with a smartphone can be evaluated for credit. 

David and I go on to talk about their involvement in the Mastercard Start Path program and the Santander X Global Accelerator program and their involvement with a Super App launching in Latin America.  

I think the conversation can best be summed up by this quote directly from David. 

“Someone gave us a chance and that’s really what we’re trying to do for this broader Community is give them a chance. And we know that if we do, they’ll take it. They’ll maximize it and we’ll all be better for it.”

To learn more about Prosperas please visit or visit them on LinkedIn. 

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