Financial Inclusion: Ken Weber, Head of Ripple Impact, VP of Social Impact & Sustainability | Episode 190

This is our third episode in Financial Inclusion month. Every year we dedicate one month to financial inclusion – my goal is to highlight and bring awareness to what the payments and/or fintech industry does today to help with the global challenge of financial inclusion and to discuss what more we can do. 

Ripple is fundamentally a fintech that uses new innovative technologies such as blockchain and crypto to improve financial services. They are focused on real-world use cases that create value for businesses like for example cross-border payments.

Ripple Impact has four pillars

1.      Engaging their employees to get involved in social and environmental impact areas

2.      The application of financial technology to accelerate and expand financial inclusion

3.      A focus on sustainability and climate

4.      Ripple impact is responsible for their research and innovation programs

Ken provides an in-depth explanation about why Ripple believes there are pathways into formal financial services for the unbanked globally that are enabled by blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Ken and I go on to discuss the University Blockchain Research Initiative, Ripple’s work around sustainability and carbon markets, and finally how exciting it is to think about how new or newer technologies like blockchain and crypto can help solve big global challenges like Financial Inclusion. 

I want to give a special thanks to The Clearing House for sponsoring Financial Inclusion month. To learn more about the Clearing House just visit