Ruben Galindo, CEO of Airtm | Episode 248

Ever wondered how a small idea could turn into a revolution? Get ready to be inspired by Ruben Galindo, CEO of Airtm. This is not just another success story – it’s a tale of passion for justice and financial decentralization, from the heart of Mexico City to the tech-hub of San Francisco. Ruben shares an intriguing insight into the birth of Airtm, its transition to blockchain technology, and the audacious goal to become the Web3 PayPal of the future. 

Embrace the concept of an ‘open money mentality’. Listen as Ruben narrates the impact of this groundbreaking approach on the cross-border payment industry and the significance of trust and brand building in fostering prosperity with large-scale enterprises. You will learn how Airtm is leading the way for digital entrepreneurs in the global south to access their earnings effortlessly. So, get set, because this episode is sure to broaden your horizons on the world of payments and digital entrepreneurship.