Before the Transaction Series: Jaron Ruckman, Product Manager at IRIS CRM / NMI | Episode 247

The world of merchant services management is evolving at an impressive pace, thanks to innovations like IRIS CRM. In this episode of our podcast, we were joined by Jaron Ruckman, Product Manager for IRIS CRM, for an insightful conversation about how this revolutionary product is reshaping the industry.

IRIS, a product owned by NMI, is a comprehensive merchant services management solution that integrates with top processors and cultivates close-knit client relationships. For ISOs, banks, and ISVs, IRIS offers the benefit of enhanced visibility and accountability. It also provides an infinite data retention policy, which is a crucial feature for maintaining a complete and accessible record of all customer interactions and transactions.

We also decipher the complexities of residual reporting and demonstrate the tools you need to streamline split calculations. For businesses that are not utilizing a comprehensive tool like IRIS, the process of managing merchant services can be tedious and error prone. The use of disparate systems and manual processes can result in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. IRIS solves these issues by offering a single, integrated solution that manages the entire life cycle of merchant services.

In summary, IRIS a game-changing tool in the realm of merchant services management. Its comprehensive features and functionalities, coupled with its ability to integrate with top processors, make it a must-have tool for any business in the industry. Tune into our podcast for a more detailed exploration of IRIS and its myriad benefits.