Financial Inclusion Series: Paul Dwyer, Co-Founder & CEO of Viamericas | Episode 258

Join us on a journey into the enigmatic world of remittance and financial inclusion with an industry trailblazer, Paul Dwyer, the co-founder and CEO of Viamericas. Ever wondered about the inner workings of remittance services and their value to consumers and retail locations? In this intriguing discussion, we unravel these intricacies and the significance of providing a dependable, efficient service. We also delve into a myth about remittance and shed light on Viamericas unique services – from check processing, remittances, bill payment to mobile top-ups – all serving the underserved, unbanked, and underbanked.

As we navigate the complexities of international bill payment and money transfer services, we uncover the need for real-time connectivity between the service’s front and back end, and the indispensable technology for transaction modifications or cancellations. The digital era has revolutionized the remittance industry, and Paul Dwyer enlightens us on Viamericas digital solutions, including their innovative mobile app. Discover the future of digital remittances, the importance of trust between parties, how agents can play a crucial advocacy role, and the exciting opportunities awaiting Viamericas in Canada, Europe, and the world beyond. This eye-opening conversation promises to leave you more informed and inspired.