Sam Aarons, CTO & Co-Founder at Modern Treasury | Episode 262

Are you tired of wrestling with the complexities of banking systems? Imagine if there was a software that could simplify your payment operations and streamline your business’ finances. Enter Modern Treasury, the game-changing platform that’s transforming the payment operations landscape. Our guest on this episode is Sam Aarons, the CTO and co-founder of Modern Treasury. Sam unravels the intricacies of this unique software, its value proposition and its wide-ranging customer base. Spoiler alert: Modern Treasury does not hold money for their customers but provides a pure software service!

Sam Aarons delineates the pain points businesses encounter when scaling up, and how Modern Treasury comes in handy. He articulates how his company’s software mitigates the challenges of interacting with a bank’s systems, while simplifying banking regulations. He also reveals how businesses can retain their existing banking relationships and fee structures without making any significant modifications. 

Lastly, we turn our sights to the future of payments, encompassing the impacts of faster payments on various aspects like payroll, consumer experiences, and inter-business transactions.  We delve into the future of payment systems in the U.S., touching on the benefits of Fed Now and real-time payments in propelling U.S. payments growth.