Financial Inclusion Series: Paul Kesserwani, CEO of | Episode 264

Ever wondered how to wrangle your bills, boost your credit score, and navigate the Buy Now Pay Later landscape? Paul Kesserwani, CEO of, joins us to provide cutting-edge insights on all these topics and more. Discover how‘s comprehensive platform is revolutionizing the way consumers manage, pay, and even build credit with their bills. We also delve into Cushion,ai‘s journey, transitioning from negotiating bank fees to providing better bill payment solutions in this Buy Now Pay Later era.

As we traverse the evolving terrain of Buy Now Pay Later finance companies, we uncover the strategic shifts these organizations are making in response to market dynamics – from underwriting the consumer to introducing fees and long-term loans. Traditional banks are not left out, as they step up their game with their own finance solutions. Kesserwani also unveils‘s roadmap, with a focus on how they are aiding consumers in organizing their monthly bills and improving their credit scores. The conversation takes a critical turn, as we discuss the pressing need for regulation in the Buy Now Pay Later sector, including standardizing disclosures, mandating loan data to the Bureaus, and setting caps on fees. Tune in for an enlightening discourse on the future of payments and financial inclusion.