Anytime Anywhere Payments: Sarah Hoisington, VP of Strategy & Marketing at Matera | Episode 275

Ever wondered how those black and white square codes we see everywhere are revolutionizing the world of payments? We’re about to decode this mystery with our guest, Sarah Hoisington, the VP of Strategy and Marketing for Matera. Join us as Sarah provides a comprehensive exploration of the evolution of QR codes and their role in transforming traditional payment methods, especially in countries like Brazil, China, and India. She’ll also discuss their emerging role in the U.S. and how they’re becoming a critical component in the shift towards more pay-by-bank transactions.

Don’t miss out as we dive into the future of instant payments with QR codes and how they’re shaping the payments industry. Sarah helps us understand how the combination of QR codes and API-based technology is enhancing the user experience and the potential they hold for facilitating instant payments. You’ll also get a sneak peek into how Matera is assisting financial institutions in the U.S. to offer instant payments. The fusion of QR codes and instant payments promises a revolution in the world of transactions, propelling us into the future of anytime anywhere payments.