Joshua Silver, Founder & CEO of Rainforest | Episode 276

Ready for a deep dive into the future of payments? Our thoughtful conversation with Joshua Silver, the CEO of Rainforest, is one you won’t want to miss. Rainforest helps software companies seamlessly integrate payments into their platforms, carving a niche across diverse sectors, from healthcare and field services to logistics and construction. Joshua shares the competitive edge that Rainforest provides by absorbing all the risk and liability, allowing software companies to focus on what they do best – writing software and serving their customers. This model is a significant departure from traditional payment facilitator models, and it’s proving increasingly attractive to software companies.

Small businesses are no longer procuring payments from their bank, but payments are embedded in the software they use to run their business. This evolution of payment distribution has significant implications for ISOs and the industry at large. We also delve into the burgeoning arena of faster payments and alternative payment methods. Joshua underscores the cruciality of customer-centricity in the payments industry, the impact of cost-cutting measures, and the indispensability of aligning with companies that reflect your values.