Aubrey Amatelli, Founder & CEO of PayRio | Episode 283

In this episode of the Leaders in Payments podcast, Aubrey Amatelli, the founder and CEO of PayRio, provides fascinating insights into the complex world of payment solutions in high-risk industries such as cannabis and CBD. 

Amatelli discusses her company’s focus on providing compliant payment solutions for the cannabis and alternative medicine industries. She elaborates on the challenges of operating in high-risk categories like cannabis and CBD, and the unique nuances of processing payments in the cannabis industry. These insights are invaluable for businesses and entrepreneurs navigating this complex landscape.

A significant part of the discussion revolves around Aubrey’s career journey from her early days at college to becoming an entrepreneur. Her experiences at Chrysler Corporation, in the nonprofit world, and in the tech industry provide a comprehensive understanding of her professional growth. Her determination to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace is truly inspiring and sets a new standard in the our industry.