Dan Pinto, CEO & Co-Founder of Fingerprint| Episode 282

Join us as we sit down with Dan Pinto, the brain behind Fingerprint, a company that is making waves with its unique approach to identifying devices in web and mobile apps to prevent fraud. With a focus on adding value and not just preventing losses, Fingerprint has attracted businesses willing to build on top of their API, with payment fraud being the most common use case.

This episode isn’t just about Fingerprint‘s innovative approach to fraud prevention, we also dive deep into the story behind the formation of Fingerprint and how an open-source library played an instrumental role in its inception. Pinto shares his insights on the potential of AI in fraud prevention and how his passion for entrepreneurship is driving his company forward. He’s got some hard-earned wisdom to share with anyone looking to break into the payments industry. This episode is chock-full of expert knowledge, inspiring entrepreneurship, and the future of fraud prevention. Tune in for a discussion you don’t want to miss.