Alex Kostecki, Co-Founder & CRO at Clair | Episode 284

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Alex Kostecki, the brains behind Clair, a service that ties your bank account to your employment. As the co-founder and chief revenue officer, Alex reveals how his background in financial services consulting inspired the creation of Clair – a service that not only gives users free access to their wages but also enables them to earn interest on them. He enlightens us on Clair‘s business model which is built on interchange fees and its innovative way of generating revenue from voluntary products on their app. Alex also shares his love for marketing and backcountry skiing.

Despite the potential challenges of state-specific regulations, Clair is committed to navigating the complexities of the financial industry. The company is in the process of obtaining the required licensing and working with qualified lenders to comply with the evolving regulatory landscape. This proactive approach is attracting large companies, like networks of hospitals across the US and large hotel groups, who choose Clair for its ability to deploy services across the entire country.