Joe McLean, CEO & Co-Founder at Quavo | Episode 286

Join me, your guide Greg Myers, as I sit down with the visionary Joe McLean, the CEO and Co-Founder of Quavo. Discover how Joe’s journey from a computer science enthusiast to a fintech innovator is transforming the landscape of fraud and disputes management in the banking industry. In our extensive dialogue, we traverse the inception and growth of Quavo, illuminating the innovative products like QFD, ARIA, and DRE, which are redefining efficiency and automation in handling post-fraud processes for financial institutions.

Joe emphasizes that while fraud is an inevitable part of the banking sector, the implementation of refined systems is vital in aiding institutions to effectively manage it. The discussion on the future of payments and fraud paints a picture of an industry in the midst of significant transformation, driven by automation and technological advancement.

Joe’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and innovation in shaping a career that not only challenges the status quo but also nurtures personal growth. So tune in and be part of the conversation that’s charting the future of banking, fraud management, and payment technologies.