Ben Gleisner, Founder & CEO at Cogo | Episode 285

Discover how your everyday purchases can be a catalyst for climate action as we chat with Ben Gleisner, the driving force behind Cogo. Ben’s journey from the UK to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand has led him to pioneer a movement where financial transactions become a measure of our environmental impact.

Our conversation uncovers the intricate workings of Cogo, which transforms banking data into a personal carbon footprint calculator, effortlessly integrating with your favorite banking apps.  We also uncover the unique attributes that elevate Cogo above its peers in the carbon footprint estimation arena.

With Ben’s expertise, we peel back the layers on how Cogo‘s approach to data accuracy and local partnerships is changing the game in consumer behavior. Tune in to this week’s episode to grasp the full scope of how informed spending is not just a powerful statement but a step towards a sustainable planet.