Max Neukirchen, Head of Payments & Commerce Solutions at JP Morgan Payments | Episode 293

Explore the cutting-edge universe of financial transactions with Max Neukirchen, JP Morgan‘s visionary Head of Payments and Commerce Solutions. Venture behind the scenes of a business unit that has a massive global footprint, with a workforce spanning 120 countries dedicated to servicing a diverse clientele, from neighborhood shops to large corporate entities.

In our discussion, Max demystifies the competitive advantages of JP Morgan Payments over both traditional banks and nimble fintech competitors, and he provides a panoramic view of services that encompass everything from treasury management to merchant services to trade finance.

His personal narrative, stretching from his roots in Germany to steering a major division of a financial titan, provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of JP Morgan and the diverse interests that propel a leader in the payments space. Further enriching the dialogue, Max shares personal anecdotes highlighting how his travels and extracurricular passions have enhanced his professional perspective.