Monica Eaton, CEO of Chargebacks911 | Episode 294

Monica Eaton, CEO of Chargebacks911 joins us to share her remarkable transition from interior design to leading a company that stands at the vanguard of dispute resolution. Her tale is not just about success; it’s about the innovation and dedication that underpin it, and this episode promises a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to disrupt their field.

Monica’s narrative is punctuated by reflections on her experience with chargebacks—a persistent problem that once threatened the sustainability of her online marketplace. Her personal campaign to understand the causes of chargebacks led to the founding of Chargebacks911.

Monica’s view on the joy of business building, her affinity for numbers, and the power of turning challenges into opportunities are the key elements propelling the flow of this episode’s narrative. From her $76,000 project triumph to scaling businesses with savvy tech implementations, her journey underscores that the true rewards of entrepreneurship are not just in the victories, but in the exhilarating process of reaching them.

This episode is a rare look behind the curtains of Chargebacks911‘s expansion into new territories and the pursuit of innovative solutions in a changing regulatory landscape.