Paulette Rowe, CEO of Stax | Episode 296

CEO of Stax, Paulette Rowe’s journey through the dynamic world of payments is an inspiring story of opportunities and passion. From her role at Facebook to leading PaySafe through a public offering and embracing the culture and vision of Stax, Paulette’s dedication to the payments industry is clear.

Stax is distinguished by its software-first ethos and comprehensive white-labeling capabilities, highlighting its intent to expand internationally. The conversation illuminates how Stax is redefining industry standards with its agile and precise strategies, challenging larger, less flexible entities. The company’s unique position in the payments industry stems from disrupting traditional payment models with subscription-based services. Paulette shares insights into Stax‘s disruption, its focus on key verticals, and the company’s evolution into integrated payments, compliance, surcharging, recurring billing, and becoming a fully-fledged acquirer-processor.

Moreover, the podcast delves into the transformative trends impacting the payments and financial services industry, including embedded finance and the impact of artificial intelligence on customer engagement.