Sunil Madhu, Founder & CEO of Instnt | Episode 295

Discover the cutting-edge intersection of technology and security as we welcome Sunil Madhu, the visionary founder and CEO of Instnt, to unveil the transformative power of fraud insurance technology in the payments industry. By providing real-time insurance coverage during the pivotal moment of customer onboarding, Sunil’s company is reshaping how businesses defend against fraud-related financial losses. In this episode, you’ll hear how Instnt’s sophisticated tech—laden with biometrics and behavioral analytics—melds with existing systems to insure transactions in the blink of an eye. Sunil’s insights extend beyond the tech, as he recounts his global journey from Scotland to New York, and the leaps from Fortune 500 boardrooms to the thrilling unpredictability of startup life.

To further understand the implications of Instnt‘s innovation, the podcast discusses how the company’s fraud insurance technology integrates with various financial institutions, including fintech companies, credit unions, and banks. By mitigating fraud losses and ensuring compliance, Instnt not only fosters trust in digital transactions but also enables these institutions to focus on their core operations without the overhanging concern of fraud.