DE&I Special Series: Motie Bring, CEO of PPRO | Episode 306

Unlock the transformative power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the payments industry with Motie Bring, the visionary CEO of PPRO. This episode promises enlightening strategies that can help your business thrive by embracing the multitude of benefits a diverse workplace offers. Motie, with his rich experience leading a frontrunner in local payment solutions across Europe and Latin America, shares how PPRO‘s deep-rooted commitment to DE&I not only distinguishes them but also catalyzes their financial and cultural growth. Learn from his insights on the tangible impact of a varied workforce on innovation and success, and why nurturing this diversity is an essential belief, not just a statistic, at the core of their company.

This episode guides you through practical steps for fostering an inclusive environment at every stage of your business’s development, from ambitious startups to expanding enterprises. Discover why transparency in sharing diversity data and recognizing individuality during recruitment can be game changers for businesses seeking to boost innovation and stay ahead of the curve. Motie illuminates the path toward an inclusive workplace, highlighting the ongoing efforts and humility required to address gaps in DE&I practices. Join us for a candid conversation that not only broadens your perspective but also equips you with the wisdom to spearhead change within your organization.