Honor Gunday, Founder & CEO of Paymentwall | Episode 307

As the visionary behind Paymentwall, Honor Gunday, Founder and CEO, reveals the remarkable transformation of his company, which began as a specialized payment solution for gamers and has since expanded to a global gateway, mastering over 150 local payment methods. In the vibrant crossroads of Istanbul and Miami, Honor’s rich cultural experiences and academic endeavors at Stanford University fueled his passion for innovation, setting the groundwork for his ventures in tech. Gain priceless wisdom from Honor’s entrepreneurial journey, which maps out how he navigated from managing fraud prevention to embracing the world of alternative digital payments.

Hear firsthand how Honor’s linguistic agility transcends the personal, becoming a strategic asset in the diverse world of international commerce. As we unravel the compelling narrative of Honor’s career, from the challenges of payment processing within the travel industry to his ventures like FasterPay and Terminal3, the roadmap for aspiring professionals in fintech becomes clearer. Discover the treasured virtues of knowledge, trust, and becoming indispensable, and how they forge the path to success in the dynamic intersection of technology, commerce, and innovation.