Hamed Arbabi, CEO & Founder of VoPay | Episode 310

In our latest podcast episode, Hamed Arbabi, CEO and Founder of VoPay, provides a comprehensive look into the world of financial technology, sharing the journey of VoPay from its inception to its current role in the industry. We delve into the company’s impact on the embedded payments ecosystem and its innovative approach to integrating payment solutions into various digital platforms. Hamed sheds light on how VoPay‘s advanced API is driving change across sectors, including insurance and healthcare, and the significance of strategic partnerships in revolutionizing financial operations within ERP systems.

Hamed’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he recounts his journey from starting a business to navigating the complexities of the payment industry. The discussion serves as an inspiring guide for entrepreneurs and established professionals alike, illustrating the potential for personal growth and the realization of ambitious goals through perseverance and strategic thinking.