Chris Dean, Co-Founder & CEO of Treasury Prime | Episode 309

This week on Leaders in Payments Podcast, we journey through the symbiotic relationship between banks and tech firms, discussing the tailored support Treasury Prime offers to community and regional banks. Co-Founder and CEO of Treasury Prime, Chris Dean’s expertise is not just theoretical; it’s grounded in the practical challenges of real-time reconciliation, settlement, and the adaptive strategies banks are employing to lead in this fintech renaissance.

We examine what truly differentiates Treasury Prime in the fiercely competitive fintech industry. From their unique direct integrations with core banking systems to the anticipation of industry consolidation and heightened regulatory pressures, Chris provides guidance on maintaining the delicate balance of innovation and compliance. 

Through his dual passion for startup culture and beekeeping, we explore the parallels between the precision required in fintech and the meticulous care needed for apiary management. It’s an episode rich with personal anecdotes and professional insights.