Rich Schalabba, Founder & CEO of Payment Integrity Partners | Episode 315

Unlock the secrets of protecting your company’s bottom line with Rich Schalabba, the CEO of Payment Integrity Partners, as we dissect the crucial yet frequently ignored issue of financial leaks in the retail world. In our conversation, Rich peels back the layers of the payment landscape, revealing how his firm’s cutting-edge technology and rigorous methods meticulously sift through mountains of transaction data to recover lost revenue for retailers. It’s a masterclass in securing the financial fortitude of large organizations, ensuring that every penny is rightfully placed.
Learn how Payment Integrity Partners is changing the game in the recovery audit industry, boasting a distinctive blend of deep client connections, bespoke audits, and proprietary technology that outmatches the competition. Rich divulges how their rapid audit process is not merely about reclaiming funds but is a strategic move towards fortifying future financial practices. 

Rich also shares his professional journey and the passion that led him to found Payment Integrity Partners. His personal narrative is one of entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence in service, a testament to the company’s success and the value they provide to their clients.