Adam Goller, EVP, Head of Fintech Banking at Cross River | Episode 316

As the financial sector continuously evolves, it is vital to understand how traditional banking is merging with fintech innovation to craft the future of finance. In the latest podcast episode, we are introduced to Cross River, a financial institution that has not only witnessed but also contributed to this evolution. The episode offers an in-depth exploration of how Cross River, under the guidance of Adam Goller, EVP, Head of Fintech Banking has developed a unique niche at the crossroads of technology and traditional banking.

The 2008 financial crisis is known for its destructive impact on the global economy. However, it also provided the impetus for innovation and the creation of new business models in the banking industry. Cross River was birthed during this tumultuous period with a vision to redefine banking by integrating cutting-edge technology into the traditional financial sector.

The podcast highlights the need for a resilient ecosystem in modern banking—one that can withstand the pressures of regulatory changes and market fluctuations. Cross River‘s journey serves as a case study for other financial institutions navigating the convergence of fintech and traditional banking.