Bob Kaufman, Founder & Chairman of the Board at ConnexPay | Episode 323

This episode of the Leaders in Payments podcast introduces listeners to Bob Kaufman, the visionary founder of ConnexPay. His narrative not only shed light on the inception and growth of his company but also on the broader trends shaping the future of B2B payments. ConnexPay stands out in the payment industry as a disruptor, successfully handling both incoming and outgoing payments. It’s a feat that sets them apart in a market where competitors often focus on just one aspect of the transaction.

The discussion delved into the enduring prevalence of credit card use in the travel and e-commerce sectors, highlighting the advantages they offer, such as security and dispute rights. Bob contrasts this with the challenges presented by alternatives like PayPal and blockchain, noting the importance of simplicity and legal dispute mechanisms for consumer confidence. Furthermore, the episode emphasized the influence of Generation Z, whose expectations for digital-first, frictionless experiences are driving innovation in the payment space.