Rick Fletcher, Group President of Corpay | Episode 324

In an era where financial transactions and corporate expense management are undergoing revolutionary changes, it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve. Our latest podcast episode features Rick Fletcher, Group President of Corpay Payables, who shares his extensive knowledge and insights into mastering global expense management and embracing payment innovations.

Rick discusses the complexities of managing corporate expenses, particularly for middle-market companies. He points out that while larger banks might overlook these businesses, Corpay thrives by offering comprehensive services tailored to their needs. This approach not only empowers companies to make better financial decisions but also ensures policy compliance through customized financial tools.

As the market for financial outflows and payment solutions becomes more dynamic, Rick emphasizes the importance of fusing technology with human-driven processes. This blend is pivotal for creating specialized card programs that complement broader expense management strategies. Furthermore, the efficiency of back-office operations is crucial for executing payments, managing working capital, and preventing fraud.